Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make It Monday on Tuesday!

With all that's going on this week at Papertrey Ink, my friend Amy and I were texting about the first PTI stamp sets we purchased.  PTI's first release was in February of 2007.  Do you remember their first stamp set?  It was Paper Tray!  And I bought it!  That same year I also purchased the Borders and Corners Circles and the Ambassodor Monogram Edition.  Little Lady is still on my Wish List, but she seems to keep getting pushed aside. 

In 2008, I added Mixed Messages, Everyday Blessings and Remember to my collection.  Would you believe I just used Remember last month?!  Shame on me!  Still on my Wish List from 08?  Honey Bees and sentiments. 

Most of my stamping budget went to PTI in 2009 as there were so many incredible sets to choose from!  I purchased On My Couch, In Bloom, Take Note, Signature Greetings and Turning a New Leaf.  When finances permit, I still hope to add Damask, Tea for Two, Vintage Picnic, Autumn Abundance and Signature Christmas.

2010 was the Year of Stamps and I was blessed to increase my collection of PTI as I never imagined!  My favorite freebies from this year:  Year of Flowers; Studio Style; Delightful Dahlias; Chair-ished; It's Official; Up, Up and Away; Flutterby Friend; Tea for Two Additions; Love Birds; and Sheet Music.

It was fun to reminisce about the past releases.  Even more fun:  Make it Monday!  Papertrey Radio!  And...the BIG Giveaway!  PTI sure knows how to host a celebration!

Here's my take on Make It Monday!  For me, this card became all about the buttons!  Once I decided on the layout, I knew it needed them.  Not only did it need them, but they had to be sewn on.  Do you know how hard it is to stitch threw 3 layers of paper/cardstock?!  It was so worth it though.  I heart those PTI Razzberry Fizz buttons!  

Hope you're having as much fun as I am with PTI's Anniversary celebration!  Thanks for stopping by~ Patti

Sunday, February 6, 2011

PTI Brightens My Day

Another day of anniversary festivities at Papertrey Ink!  How exciting that Maile Belles is going to be designing stamps now too!  Maile has such a fresh, clean style.  I thought I'd try my hand at the look for today's challenge. 
This is so not my usual style, that when my husband saw the card laying on the counter, he said "Who made that card?"  After I told him I had, he said it was too "minimalist" for me.  Perhaps, but it was fun to try something different. 

I'm so excited about the sneek peeks that have been featured this past week on Nichole's blog!  Mat Stack 4 stamps!  The "newsprint" background!  Doillies!  My Wish List just keeps growing!!!  Maybe I'll get lucky and win another year of stamps.  That's probably too much to hope for!  ;)  Hope you're playing along for your chance to win! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week! ~Patti

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Papertrey Favorite(s) of 2010

Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink!  Having been the winner of their 2010 Year of Stamps, it was my hope to be able to highlight all of the amazing stamp sets I recieved throughout the year on my blog.  Afterall, it seemed the least I could do having recieved such an amazing gift!  Alas, life got in the way and blogging was pushed aside by things like college applications, band concerts and family gatherings.  Sorry, but I wouldn't trade them.

The good news is, while I was busy working full-time, coordinating a mentoring program at an elementary school, acting as VP in the local Music Boosters and juggling the schedules of our four children (ages 12-19), I still found time to enjoy the stamps.  :)  And, the finished product made it into the hands of family and friends who were celebrating milestones or needed to be thanked or cheered. 

So what did I do with all of those stamps (over 120 sets!).  I shared them...with a couple of my dearest friends.  Each month, I would pick my faves and let them pick theirs.  As we each have different styles, it worked out well.  I'm really hoping one of the two of them wins this years prize, so we can continue sharing the joy of free stamps.  lol

What was my favorite PTI item they ask?  The Mat Stack 4 die!  I reach for it time and time again.  Dawn McVey's Sheet Music background!  I have four musicians in my house, so it's a perfect addition to my collection.   The Year of Flowers sets!  Each one is so beautiful and has lovely sentiments.  The felt!  I bought way too much at CHA this summer.  That was more than one wasn't it?!  Well, it's just too hard to choose.

Today I'm sharing a card that features some of my PTI favorites of 2010. 

I can't thank Nichole, Jane and Julie enough for the wonderful gift of stamps I've received this year.  They have been a blessing that I (and my friends) will enjoy for years to come!

Congratulations PTI on another year of success!  It's well deserved.  All the best! ~Patti

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vintage Friends

Nothing like the gift of time off to get the creativity flowing.  We have been under a mound of snow here in Illinois for the past couple of days.  Both school and work have been closed.  I've cooked, cleaned, enjoyed time with my family and even stamped!  It's been very therapeutic!
Valentine's Day always makes me mindful of the blessings of friendship, so I set out to make some cards for my dearest friends.  In going through my stash of supplies, I came across some vintage friendship stickers from Cloud 9.  I think I bought them a few years ago.  (I know, I know)  At any rate, they were a perfect match for the Basic Grey Wisteria paper that I've been hoarding.  ;)  

Achieving the perfect vintage look has always been a challenge for me.  I absolutely love it and I am totally drawn to it, but creating it is another story.  I'm certainly no Julia Stainton or Betsy Veldman,  but I feel like I'm making progress.  I think I'll keep at it and see what else I can come up with today.

Until next time, stay warm and be safe! ~Patti


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