Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happily Ever After

I love this picture my daughter took of Chris and me. Every now and then, Sarah gets the urge to play paparazzi with the digital camera. ;) This is one of her pics from February of this year.

My husband Chris and I met 13 years ago when we were both working at Venture, a retail department store. I was the customer service manager and Chris was working in the electronics department. It was his third job. He was also working at two museums during the day.

Chris has a passion for history and has received multiple awards for his fantastic work on programs and exhibits. He's an incredibly intelligent man with an amazing gift for teaching. In addition to history, Chris enjoys keeping up on politics, discussing religion, reading, occasional blogging (, being a Scout leader, serving at church and spending time with us. He's such a loving husband and father. Which is why I love him so much.

When Chris and I met, I wasn't interested in starting a relationship with anyone. I had been divorced for about a year and half, had tragically lost my four year old daughter the year before, was a single mom to two little boys and was in the midst of a custody battle with my ex-husband. The timing just wasn't right for me. However, I quickly learned that God's timing is always perfect and a year later Chris and I were married.

Chris is the love of my life! We are celebrating 12 fabulous years of marraige today and we are incredibly blessed to have four amazing children, wonderful family, a cozy home, great friends and jobs that we enjoy. Our life together is proof of God's amazing grace, and it's my happily ever after. I hope you're on your way to your own happily ever after too. Enjoy your day! :)


Amy said...

P- I am so glad you found each other and are so happy. You are one of the sweetest couples I know. I wish you both many many more happy years. A wish I am sure will come true. God Bless!

Paula said...


I'm so happy for you! It's so wonderful when you marry your soul mate, isn't it? I married mine. We are truly blessed. It is so true that God's timing is not always what we planned for ourselves. Congratulations on 12 years of happiness! Many wishes for many years full of happiness ahead!

P.S. I love Chris's blog name!

Juli Smith said...

I agree - what a fab pic! Is dd going to be a photographer? Maybe she should take classes! :)

Thanks for sharing your story! Even after 4 1/2 years - I didn't some of what you shared! May God continue to bless you and keep your Sacrament shining for His glory!


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