Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prom 08

As promised, here's a picture of Josh and his friend Amy all decked out for prom. They made such a handsome couple. Amy's dress was the brightest pink I've ever seen and Josh was a little worried he'd have to sport a pink tie, but we found the perfect match...it's got black, burgundy and bright pink stripes. It was great paired up with his black pin-striped suit and light grey shirt.

This year's theme was Hollywood, so when Josh asked Amy to prom he used a director's scene board that he found at Factory Card outlet. He wrote on it, Scene: Prom Take: 1 Cast: You and Me? It was very clever!

I'm told prom was a lot of fun despite the fact that it left Josh feeling very tired the next day. Prom, coupled with Post Prom, didn't get over with until 3:30 in the morning! Although I didn't wait up, Josh woke me when he got home, gave me a hug and we mutually decide to get some sleep and talk about all the details the next day.

It's pretty cool to be the mom of teenagers! Although, there are challenging moments, there are so many awesome things going on that make for great memories.

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stampmonkey said...

They coordinate each other perfectly...and I'm happy for him that he didn't have to wear a hot pink tie! lol

And what girl could turn down an invitation as clever as that?! Cute AND creative -- quite the Prom date! ;)


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