Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

Whew! What a weekend! It started for us on Thursday morning as my husband and I sent Justin off to New York City to perform at the National a Cappella competition at Lincoln Center. Who knew it could be so exhausting just wondering what your 14 year old was doing each day for 4 days in the Big Apple. Naturally, I made my daily texts and calls to check on him.

Justin made it home safe and sound today and of course, had an amazing time. The guys, "Fly Check", placed 3rd in the nation for best high school a cappella group! Outstanding! While in NY, Justin went to see Spamalot and Young Frankenstein and visited Central Park, Times Square and Ground Zero.

While Justin was away, I was busy entertaining girls. We had a half day of school on Thursday, so I took my daughter Sarah and her friends Macie and Savannah for a girls day out of craft shopping. We had a blast going to Joanne's, Michael's, Archiver's, Hobby Lobby and Target Greatland. We bought, paper, stamps, bling, flowers, chipboard, beads, more beads and even more beads and some girly pedicure goodies. We finally stopped to eat at about 7:45 pm and it was then that I realized how sore my feet were. lol These girls know how to shop!

We didn't have school on Friday either, but I had a couple of hours of conferences with my teens' teachers followed by a lunch date with my oldest son. My big guys are so busy, it's nice to squeeze in a little one-on-one time. I spent Friday afternoon cleaning house in preparation for an evening of entertaining on Saturday. Our guests- six 10 year old girls.

My daughter, Sarah (far left in the photo), spent months trying to decide what she wanted to do for her birthday this year. We don't always have a party, but since she's going double digits, we thought we'd do it up big. After weighing her options, Sarah finally decided on a Build-a-Bear birthday. We spent a couple hours decorating our family room with streamers, balloons and paper lanterns in a variety of bright colors. The girls arrived for a pizza dinner and then we left for the mall. Imagine being in a van with six giggling 10 year old girls singing along to the soundtrack from Wicked for 4o minutes. ;)

At the mall, Build-a-Bear was a big hit, although we didn't build any bears. We brought home 4 dogs, a cat and a bunny with a variety of outfits including soccer, skater, doctor, police officer, jean & t-shirt combo and bathrobe. After BAB, the girls rode the carousel in the middle of the mall and then we returned home for gifts, cake and ice cream, nail painting and a movie with popcorn. The last girl fell asleep at about one. And today, I took an evening nap. ;)

I did find a little time to stamp this weekend, so I'll be back tomorrow to share a card. See you then! ~Patti


Paula said...

Congrats to Justin and happy birthday to Sarah!

stampmonkey said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. ;)

Glad your son had a fun, safe trip to NYC and that his group did so well in the competition. What a great memory!

How sweet of you to take your dd and some of her friends shopping after school...and then to entertain them AND treat them to a Build-A-Bear outing just days later (What a mom! -- I hope you're duly appreciated -lol).

(And thanks for the sweet comments you've left on my blog, Patti.)


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