Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Austen Heroine Quiz

Being a big fan of Jane Austen movies, I just couldn't resist taking this fun quiz to see which Jane Austin character I would be. I was honored to be likened to the very sensible Elinor Dashwood! Although my husband said that 15 years ago I was much more like Miss Marianne Dashwood. I suppose there's a little Elinor AND Marianne in all of us!

I am Elinor Dashwood!
Take the Quiz here!

If your not familiar with any of the movies, you must see them! I recommend Sense & Sensibility first. Followed by Mansfield Park, Emma, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion and Northanger Abby. I also recommend keeping a box of tissue nearby. ;)

I've decided to add reading the Jane Austen novels to my summer "list". If you're an Austen fan, I'd love to hear which book, movie and character are your favorites.

Thanks for stopping by today! Smiles~ Patti


stampmonkey said...

Boy do I feel ignorant! I have a friend who's really into Jane Austen, but I've not a clue...never read any of the books or seen a single movie. Guess I'm gonna have to remedy that soon (tomorrow I'm going to start the last of books in Joel Rosenberg's series, and I was just today wondering what book I would pick up next -- thanks!).

Glad that you were happy with the results of your quiz...always a good thing. ;)

Amy said...

Ok would you believe that I have no idea who any of these ladies are. I took the test and I am Anna Elliot so I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Here is anohter crazy thing...Pride and Prejudice is on my nigh stand and I am trying to read it for the 3rd time. I thought it would be a good summer reading project.

Anonymous said...

According to the quiz, I'm most like Anne Elliot, which is funny, because I have that movie (and love it). I love all the Jane Austen stories, but I haven't read or seen Northanger Abbey. Recently I watched the movie "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway playing Jane Austen. I really enjoyed it, even though I knew it wasn't going to end in the typical way.



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