Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet Jack

Good Morning! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day with your family! Ours was very relaxing.

I thought I would take a few minutes today to begin introducing you to my family. So, without further adeu, this is "the best dog in the world", Jack. Jack's a 3 year old Black Lab-Norwiegan Elkhound mix. We adopted him from Tails, our local humane society.

Actually, Jack was at our local Farm & Fleet the day we went to see him and his three brothers. We had just moved into a new home and I had seen an ad about their Tails event. We seriously needed a break from unpacking, cleaning, painting... so we went to have a look at the puppies. On the way, I told the kids that we were "just going to look" and I very matter-of-factly stated "we will not be getting a black dog". (Too much shedding black hair to clean up.) Well, our visit with the puppies was like much needed therapy and after two hours of playing with them, Jack came home with us.

Jack stole our hearts as he instantly became the center of attention in our home. He's the first one to greet each of us in the morning and each night as my husband and I tuck our children in, he makes the rounds to see that they are safe and sound and to ensure that he gets one last hug or pat on the head. He's a playmate, a confidant, a friend, a snuggle buddy and therapy at the end of a rough day.

The shedding black dog hair? It's a never ending battle...but it's worth it when you have "the best dog in the world". And Jack is!

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Amy said...

That Jack...he is the cutest puppy ever. Wolff...wolff...


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