Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meet Justin

I was right, the drum corp show last night was a blast. I think I've mentioned that my son Justin is a percussionist. He's taking a liking to the Rockford based Phantom Regiment. They placed 2nd in last night's show, which featured 5 Division 1 corp teams.

Justin's sleeping in this morning. It's his birthday...he's fourteen today! Incredible!

Before I get all emotional about my babies growing up way too fast, let me tell you more about Justin. He's our second oldest son and we are so proud of the young man he's grown to be. Justin is an honor student, a fantastic percussionist, a track star, an avid reader and an all around great guy.

Justin's also a major Harry Potter fan , so we're off to see The Order of the Phoenix, for the second time, this afternoon. Have you seen it? Justin thinks it's the best one yet!


Kathy W said...

Enjoy the movie; it is wonderful. Happy Birthday to your son; mine is now 19 1/2. They do grow up too quick!

Amy said...

Hope you all had a very happy day and enjoyed your celebration!


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