Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet Sarah

Wanted to take some time today to introduce you to Sarah. Sarah is nine and the youngest of our four children. She's also the only girl and thus, she's the Princess. Of course, she's no ordinary Princess. You won't find Sarah wearing a tiara or dress. She would much rather throw on a tank top, a pair of her brothers hand-me-down shorts and her baseball cap and take off for a bike ride or shoot some hoops.

Sarah's a bit of a tomboy and free spirit. Which is why it's no suprise that she has a passion for horses. Ever since she knew what a horse was, she has loved them. She's been riding now for 15 months. Seeing Sarah atop a 16 hand high horse, controlling him with the sound of her voice and the push of her leg...it's amazing! One of my greatest joys is seeing my children pursue the things that they enjoy.

Sarah tells me that someday she will have her own farm and several horses, that her father and I will come live with her, and that she will teach me how to ride. Sounds wonderful!!!


Chris Gingrich said...

What a beautiful girl! Must take after her mother!

Amy said...

She sure looks happy with that horse. So adorable...


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