Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For the Dungeon Master

I've had my eye on this dragon at Michael's for a long time and just needed an excuse to add it to my collection. Well lucky for me, my son Jacob has become a Dungeon Master!

Jacob and his friends have been getting together regularly to play Dungeons and Dragons for the last six months. I don't get it, but they love it and I love hosting their game nights. It's so fun to sit in the other room and hear them chatting about school, movies, games, friends and other guy stuff.

Jacob just turned 12 and we are celebrating his birthday this weekend with a big D&D all nighter. 8 sixth grade boys...playing D&D, watching dragon movies and eating pizza and munchies until the wee hours of the morning. ;)

The saying on the card is from Verve's Great Expectations Julee creates the best sentiment sets! And the fonts she uses are so versatile.

Thanks for stopping by today. Don't forget to check out the post below for chance at a new Verve set. Take care~ Patti


Amy said...

This is a great card. D&D I can't believe it is still around. Such a great game.

stampmonkey said...

Fun card, Patti! I'm sure Jacob loved it. Sounds like you hosted a great time for everyone!

Cassie said...

how fun! i didn't even know kids still played dungeons and dragons!

Carla said...

OMGosh! This is awesome! And the all nighter sounds like a blast!! You are brave, BTW! I have three sons, and I don't think I've ever had eight over for an all nighter before!! My senior and freshman and my 5yo still all have sleepovers, though! Isn't that funny?

Priscilla Heistad said...

This is a great card. I bet he loved it! Hope your D&D party is a blast.


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