Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simply Lost n Love

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. It's an exciting night for us LOST fans. Tonight is the premiere of Season 5! Anyone else out there going to be glued to the TV tonight? LOST is the only show I watch on TV. I find it so intriguing! My hubby has bought me each season as it's come available on DVD and I can hardly wait to see what happens tonight. Will the Oceanic 6 go back to the island? Is Charlie going to reappear? What's up with Claire? Oh the suspense!!!

I have another Valentine to share. This one is pretty simple, but it's for a no nonsense kind of guy, so I'm sure he'll appreciate it. In trying to keep with using what I have, I pulled out my Boho Blossoms from MFT. It's still one of my favorites! I also finally broke in my Label 1 Nestabilities! :) Love 'em!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet tonight. ;) Have a good one! ~Patti

1 comment:

stampmonkey said...

Very sweet card, Patti! Great for a guy too.

I've never seen Lost before, but I hope you enjoyed your episode. ;)


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