Monday, January 5, 2009

God Bless You!

Happy Monday! It's back to the usual routine of school and work...well, almost. I'm off until my doctor releases me to return to work, which should be tomorrow. I go see him this afternoon and expect to get the all clear. I have to admit, now that I'm feeling better, a couple of more days to play with my stamps and visit with friends would be nice. ;)

Not a lot of stamping here. It's all about the Basic Grey paper! How do they do it?! I've found that I just can't wrong with their paper...the colors and designs are incredible!

I made this card with my friend Maria in mind. She will be taking her son, Jesus to the hospital next week for a bone marrow transplant. He's only six and has recently been diagnosed with leukodystrophy. Maria is an amazing woman and Jesus a delightful little boy. It's such a privilege and joy to know them.

Maria and Jesus are expecting a lengthy stay in the hospital, so I'm sending Beth Moore's, Jesus Day By Day along with the card. I pray God's word will provide her with strength and comfort. I hope you'll join me in praying for them. God Bless You! ~Patti


Carla said...

Patti, this is gorgeous! The colors are amazing, I really think it will be a bright spot for Jesus and his mom! I will pray for them, for sure!!

stampmonkey said...

Beautiful card, Patti, and I'm sure it will be a comforting reminder to Maria and Jesus that you (and others) are praying for them. (I love that BasicGrey line!)


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